Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Next for the Barefoot Bandi? Jailhouse Flip-flops

From the San Juan Islands here in the Pacific Northwest to the Bahamas in the Caribbean is a stretch, but the Barefoot Bandit had made the trip big-time, sticking to form. Steal a plane, crash land it, break into houses, hide in plain sight, island hop in stolen boats...But this time the word was out, the police in the Bahamas had word from the FBI and the local islanders recalled seeing him bathing in the bay...lurking in the woods...buying a gal a drink in a bar...When a 40 foot boat went missing the authorities on an adjoining island had a watch out, nabbing Colton as he attempted to dock his stolen boat around 3 a.m.
Meanwhile, this wily and capable bandit enjoyed his erstwhile fame as his victims found themselves basking in a perverse sort of glory. For instance, the flashed around the world this morning is from the Whole Foods Market in Eastsound WA, here on Orcas Island. Whole Foods baked the blueberry cheesecake Colton loved so much he robbed the market not once but three times.

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