Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten Rules for Writing times Ten Fine Writers Equals...

You cannot love your writing if stuck with the income tax. Get an accountant and get on with it. That's one of the rules. Oooops. The Tax Man Cometh; I'm struggling with those bloody numbers "write" now. Yes I have an accountant, but the accountant wants stuff organized. She gets hissy if you hand her a shoebox full of receipts. At any rate, this chorus of advice on writing from famous writers gathered by The Guardian, UK is a bracing tonic, I find. One writer here says never write on any computer that is connected to the internet. That's excellent advice.

Join professional writer's orgs, says another, which I also recommend, and frankly, I'm blogging this courtesy of NINC, a prestigious org for multi-published authors, in which I managed to wangle a membership on the strength of my relatively paltry production. Most of the members have around twenty or so books to their credit and they'll blog around for awhile about stuff like tipping and serving lemons, and then post something great, such as:

Want to be a writer? Read this: