Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Forget full Body Scans--How about a Few Brain Scans?

Only luck and the intervention of a heroic passenger--that was all that saved a jetliner from being blown up as it attempted to land in Detroit on Christmas Day. Young Mr. Terrorist has blabbed how he secreted enough lethal powder in the crotch of his underwear to blow the side out of a 747.  Fortunately, the powder failed to ignite. This latest close call has set off a round of soul searching about how we should all give up our privacy to step into a canister designed to reveal EVERYTHING--though masking our faces, the better to protect ourselves before we set foot on a plane.

The scanner makes front page news in the local paper, while President Obama's declaration that our supposed crack security and anti-terror system has failed us yet again is clear back on A4. Turns out young Mr. Abdulmutallab's own father, a prominent Nigerian banker, took it upon himself to warn the U.S. Embassay that he feared his own son was a potential threat to international security. This was back in NOVEMBER. Somehow, nobdody passed the word along. Ho hum. Shades of 911. Does anyone recall how the warnings from the FBI that a group of young Arabs were taking flying lessons in our own flight schools and skipping over the sections on how to land a plane. What needs to be done first is to find out why these warnings can't be taken seriously at the CIA (Central Incompetence Agency).

Before we start scanning the bodies of the rest of the airline passengers in the nation, I suggest we start scanning the brains of the powers that be in the intelligence community. Could it be that most of these people have no brains in their heads?